In the interests of everyone's safety passengers are reminded to follow all instructions given by the crew.

Foot Passengers

For safety and security reasons all customers who board as a foot passenger, but intend leaving the ferry in a vehicle, are requested to notify a member of crew prior to disembarking.

Children (Under 14 Years)

All children under the age of 14 should be accompanied by an adult during the crossing. We are unable to accept liability for any child under this age who is travelling alone. Parents or guardians are solely responsible for children under their care and for safety reasons should ensure they are supervised at all times in the terminals and onboard our vessels.

Guide Dogs & Pets

All guide dogs and domestic pets travel FREE of charge. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times when they are not in your vehicle. Passengers are solely responsible for their pets' welfare and conduct whilst onboard our vessels and at our terminals.

Safety Information

Safety notices are displayed on the vessels and the public address (PA) system will be used to communicate important information and relay any instructions to passengers in the event of an emergency situation.

Any message over the PA system will be preceded by a "bing-bong".

At the start of the crossing the following pre-recorded message will be broadcast: 

 " Welcome aboard Western Ferries please listen very carefully to the following safety announcement.

Your attention is drawn to the green and white emergency procedure notices placed around the vessel. These notices include the following important information;

The general emergency signal will consist of 7 or more short blasts followed by one prolonged blast on the ship’s whistle and alarm bells.

In any emergency situation please assemble on the car deck and await instructions from the crew.

Life jackets are carried for all on board. Please note their clearly marked stowage positions and their donning instructions.

Should you have to abandon ship the liferafts and buoyant apparatus will be launched.

In the interest of everyone’s safety and comfort all vehicle drivers are reminded to firmly apply their handbrake for the duration of the crossing and to please note that smoking on the car deck and all internal areas is prohibited.

Thank you for travelling Western Ferries, we hope to see you again."

If you feel you may be unable to hear announcements or alarm signals onboard please advise the crew.

In an emergency the ship's alarms will sound and instructions will be provided for your safety. If you are travelling alone and require assistance please make yourself known to a member of the crew or ask a fellow passenger to alert the crew.

Please be assured that emergency situations are extremely rare.  All crews carry out emergency drills on a regular basis. Our safety procedures are externally audited by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the Company's Safety Management System complies with international standards for the safe operation of ships and prevention of pollution.

Carriage of Electric / Hybrid Vehicles

Please do not board the ferry if your vehicle has sustained any damage to the battery power cell, the main electrical components or is exhibiting any error messages or other indications of possible battery faults on its monitoring system.

Dangerous Goods

For safety reasons all dangerous goods must be reported to our terminal staff prior to boarding (see Conditions of Carriage).

Please note the carriage of spare cans of fuel is strictly forbidden under our Conditions of Carriage and is in contravention of maritime regulations regarding the carriage of dangerous goods.  The carriage of fireworks is also similarly prohibited. 

To ensure the safety of all our customers and employees the Company and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) may carry out spot checks at our terminals in this regard.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.